Hard to Leave

I’m in the Toronto airport right now with my first update. I like this airport. It has become very familiar to me, and it’s nice to have a routine when I have to leave such a wonderful Mikey and a beautiful place just as it’s really becoming summer there. Unfortunately, the Red Rocket (my favorite restaurant here) is in the US customs now. They will switch sometimes and lock the doors if they’re in the US customs area, and open them up when it’s not. I can watch people enjoying that great restaurant from several feet away, but that’s just creepy, so instead I’m at The Exchange, which is my second choice.

Goodbye Fredericton

Keswick Dam

I got up this morning at 4, and took a cab to the airport, only to find out that the flight was cancelled. My second attempt was more successful and now I’m in Toronto. I will arrive in Vancouver tonight at 10 pm local time, instead of 10:30 am, as originally planned.

Kathadin, I think...

Farmland in Quebec, or Maine

I guess I was upgraded to business class because of the flight cancellation, which was alright with me. I was in 02F, which is at the front, at the window, and it’s the seat with lots of leg room, becuase there’s no seat in front of me. I felt like Mr. Bean when the flight attendant passed me a hot cloth with a pair of tongs. I didn’t know what to do with it. I figured out quickly that it was to clean my hands… Still, it felt weird.

He asked if I wanted cheese and crackers. Of course, I was expecting some premium plus and some stale cheese, both wrapped in plastic. Not this:

chees and crackers

And I took some video while on the plane. Enjoy!

And YYC – YVR.


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  1. Muriel
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 16:53:27

    It is sooo fun to go on journeys with you!! Love it! and good to know your second try was successful.
    The farmland would be Quebec, as it has that distinctive land use pattern of narrow strips of farmland. The farms kept being divided within the family, over hundreds of years, until you end up with very narrow strips.
    That is the old “land use geographer” in me. :}


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