First look at Vancouver

The flags are flying high today in Vancouver from every car window and store front in anticipation of Game 1 tonight against Boston!

I got up this morning at 5 local time feeling surprisingly rested and made myself stay in bed until 6. I spent the morning exploring the parks and beaches in the area around Claire’s place.

Claire gave me a list of places to check out and marked them on a map. Here’s a trick I learned: take a picture of a map, and then you have it everywhere you go! First, I went to Pacific Spirit Parks on my way down to Spanish Banks Beach.

a long way to go

You really do get a sense in the parks that this whole place would have been a rainforest.

Here’s a little video of the trees in the park.

I loved seeing the old stumps with different things growing out of them. Sometimes they had new trees growing out of them.

At the bottom of this hill, I came out at Spanish Banks Beach and got my first view of the (bottoms of the) mountains. I still haven’t seen the tops yet.


Here’s a time lapse of the harbour.

Then I went to Aphrodite’s Pie Shop to see where Claire works and to have some delicious organic food for lunch. I had already had two pieces of pie, so I just went for some feta vegetable soup. mmmmm…

And I was served by this lovely lady!

It was the day of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, so almost all of the kids at school were wearing their Vancouver Jerseys.

At the top of W 8th, I looked back and would have been able to see some mountains but the clouds were still hanging around. I should be able to see them today or tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be nice all weekend.

When Claire got home we made pizza! We thought the game was on at 8, so we started the pizza to be ready for then, but when talking to David Smith, we realized it was already on. So we watched the game and then ate our pizza.

Tomorrow’s another big day, so pretty much right after supper, we went to bed.


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