Granville, Stanley Park and sore feet

Claire had the day off today and we set out to explore Vancouver in the rain.

First we went down to Granville Island, where there are great shops, a market, and this week they were having a kids fest, so there were lots and lots of kids.

We stopped at a nice cafe for a little pre-lunch snack, which turned out to be lunch.

From there, we got a bus downtown and walked along the sea wall (a lot like the boardwalk in Halifax) toward Stanley Park. There was a really neat installment there of a half-size model of a fishing storage shed cast in aluminum.

There were houseboats everywhere. Pictured here, is an example of a house-yacht.

Here’s the map of Stanley Park. We took the Tatlow Walk to Siwash Rock and back.

Stanley Park Map

Pretty much the first thing I saw before I even entered the park was the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. And it just keeps getting better.

Here’s a tiny video of a huge tree.

The small wonders are still just as amazing.

Then we came out on a beach and walked a little further along the sea wall to Siwash Rock.

On the way back, we found this amazing mountain biking trail. I kept thinking I was going to get leveled by a speeding mountain biker, but alas, no.

Once we got back, we met Claire’s friend Carla for sushi, and I topped it all of with a deep fried mars bar!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 21:41:58

    So, I am wondering if you could bring me one of those trees when you come back or possibly a piece of pie?


    • gypsyproductions
      Jun 04, 2011 @ 14:26:17

      You’re not the first to ask for a piece of pie to be brought home. And I’ll see if I can take a tree as my carry on.


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