Granville, Stanley Park and sore feet

Claire had the day off today and we set out to explore Vancouver in the rain.

First we went down to Granville Island, where there are great shops, a market, and this week they were having a kids fest, so there were lots and lots of kids.

We stopped at a nice cafe for a little pre-lunch snack, which turned out to be lunch.

From there, we got a bus downtown and walked along the sea wall (a lot like the boardwalk in Halifax) toward Stanley Park. There was a really neat installment there of a half-size model of a fishing storage shed cast in aluminum.

There were houseboats everywhere. Pictured here, is an example of a house-yacht.

Here’s the map of Stanley Park. We took the Tatlow Walk to Siwash Rock and back.

Stanley Park Map

Pretty much the first thing I saw before I even entered the park was the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. And it just keeps getting better.

Here’s a tiny video of a huge tree.

The small wonders are still just as amazing.

Then we came out on a beach and walked a little further along the sea wall to Siwash Rock.

On the way back, we found this amazing mountain biking trail. I kept thinking I was going to get leveled by a speeding mountain biker, but alas, no.

Once we got back, we met Claire’s friend Carla for sushi, and I topped it all of with a deep fried mars bar!


First look at Vancouver

The flags are flying high today in Vancouver from every car window and store front in anticipation of Game 1 tonight against Boston!

I got up this morning at 5 local time feeling surprisingly rested and made myself stay in bed until 6. I spent the morning exploring the parks and beaches in the area around Claire’s place.

Claire gave me a list of places to check out and marked them on a map. Here’s a trick I learned: take a picture of a map, and then you have it everywhere you go! First, I went to Pacific Spirit Parks on my way down to Spanish Banks Beach.

a long way to go

You really do get a sense in the parks that this whole place would have been a rainforest.

Here’s a little video of the trees in the park.

I loved seeing the old stumps with different things growing out of them. Sometimes they had new trees growing out of them.

At the bottom of this hill, I came out at Spanish Banks Beach and got my first view of the (bottoms of the) mountains. I still haven’t seen the tops yet.


Here’s a time lapse of the harbour.

Then I went to Aphrodite’s Pie Shop to see where Claire works and to have some delicious organic food for lunch. I had already had two pieces of pie, so I just went for some feta vegetable soup. mmmmm…

And I was served by this lovely lady!

It was the day of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, so almost all of the kids at school were wearing their Vancouver Jerseys.

At the top of W 8th, I looked back and would have been able to see some mountains but the clouds were still hanging around. I should be able to see them today or tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be nice all weekend.

When Claire got home we made pizza! We thought the game was on at 8, so we started the pizza to be ready for then, but when talking to David Smith, we realized it was already on. So we watched the game and then ate our pizza.

Tomorrow’s another big day, so pretty much right after supper, we went to bed.

Hard to Leave

I’m in the Toronto airport right now with my first update. I like this airport. It has become very familiar to me, and it’s nice to have a routine when I have to leave such a wonderful Mikey and a beautiful place just as it’s really becoming summer there. Unfortunately, the Red Rocket (my favorite restaurant here) is in the US customs now. They will switch sometimes and lock the doors if they’re in the US customs area, and open them up when it’s not. I can watch people enjoying that great restaurant from several feet away, but that’s just creepy, so instead I’m at The Exchange, which is my second choice.

Goodbye Fredericton

Keswick Dam

I got up this morning at 4, and took a cab to the airport, only to find out that the flight was cancelled. My second attempt was more successful and now I’m in Toronto. I will arrive in Vancouver tonight at 10 pm local time, instead of 10:30 am, as originally planned.

Kathadin, I think...

Farmland in Quebec, or Maine

I guess I was upgraded to business class because of the flight cancellation, which was alright with me. I was in 02F, which is at the front, at the window, and it’s the seat with lots of leg room, becuase there’s no seat in front of me. I felt like Mr. Bean when the flight attendant passed me a hot cloth with a pair of tongs. I didn’t know what to do with it. I figured out quickly that it was to clean my hands… Still, it felt weird.

He asked if I wanted cheese and crackers. Of course, I was expecting some premium plus and some stale cheese, both wrapped in plastic. Not this:

chees and crackers

And I took some video while on the plane. Enjoy!

And YYC – YVR.